Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hi everyone,

My name is Jay Bigam and I am the Executive VP of Kinnikinnick Foods. I am also one of the 3 members of the family who own Kinnikinnick; the others being my mother, Lynne and my father, Jerry. My mother and I are both celiac and our family has been involved with the company since 1997. We took over complete ownership of the company in 2005 when the founder of the company, Ted Wolf von Selzam retired.

My duties here include managing our information technology and website development and more recently, product development as well fixing the occasional kitchen sink ;)

I also was/am the editor of our newsletter, which has not been published in a very long time. The newsletter was a great way to keep our customers up to date on news and issues but since the newsletter took a fair bit of time to put together, it was only sent out every couple of months. (when it went at all)

This is where this blog fills in that gap. It will allow me to keep everyone updated on things at Kinnikinnick in a timely manner. It will also allow me to respond to your questions.

By Subscribing to this feed you'll get an insight into what is happening here. I'll also comment on some of the trends and issues in the GF and GFCF communities.


3rd coast said...

Question: why is this blog page so attractive, but the main Kinnikinnick site, so, not attractive?

Also, love your sesame seed bagels. That is what brought me to your site because my store no longer carries them and I had to find another supplier.

Keep doing what your doing - your making a lot of peoples' lives just a little better!

JayB said...

This blog is actually set up using the design of our new website which I hope to have live in the next couple of weeks. I know the current site is very dated and has a lot of issues. I'll be very happy when I can make it go away.

Your store may be able to get bagels again soon. We've had a massive increase in bagel sales in the last 6 months and we've struggled (and not been very successful) to keep up with demand. The good news is that we've just upgraded our bagel equipment and added a second line which should up our capacity by 4-5 times. I expect we'll see supply issues resolve over the next month or so.