Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing S'moreables Gluten Free Graham Style Crackers

Just in time for August Campfires!

Today marks the official launch of our new S'moreables Gluten Free Graham Style Crackers ™. To our knowledge these are the only gluten free/dairy free graham style crackers available anywhere.

Many of you may have already tried these as they have been sold on our website under the generic name of graham style crackers for several months.

I have just returned from the Natural Products Association conference in Las Vegas which brings together thousands of retailers and suppliers. We demo'ed S'moreables and they were a big hit, an especially gratifying result as most of the people trying them were not GF.

The new launch includes new packaging and marks the first time that they are available to retailers and distributors. You can order them online in our webstore now and you can expect to see them available from retailers in the fall.