Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kinnikinnick Donuts Now Free of Artificial Flavours and Colours

Happy New Year to all.

We are pleased to announce that as of last December, we began producing our own donut icing. This has allowed us to completely remove the artificial colours and flavours from our donut line. We are now using pure cocoa and natural maple flavours in their place.

We did not want to be in the icing business but our supplier was not willing to make the change so we felt we had to do it ourselves. While many of our customers aren't concerned about artificial ingredients, we know that there are lots who are. Additionally, one of our major distributors discontinued the two varieties with the artificial ingredients, making them unavailable in many stores.

With this change, we expect that the distributor will reintroduce the two varieties and we would hope to see them become much more widely available in the coming months.

Please note that there may still be some boxes out in stores which contain the old ingredients. All boxes with the new formulation will be labeled with a new ingredient panel. Once we have used our existing box inventory, new boxes will be printed with the new ingredient list.


Merrily said...

Thank you for the fantastic news. I love Kinnikinnick Chocolate frosted donuts and your bagels too.

My sister has recently been diagnosed with a gluten intollerance and I can't tell her enough about how much better you are over the other products out there.

Thank you


marylandceliac said...

I just posted a review on my blog of the S'moreables graham style crackers.