Thursday, August 27, 2009

Announcing New KinniToos Fudge Cookies

We weren't kidding when we said we've been busy this summer. This is the first of several new product announcements we are going to be making over the next couple of weeks.

We're pleased to announce the newest addition to our very popular KinniTOOS line of cookies; the KinniTOOS Fudge Sandwich Creme Cookie.

These cookies are sure to please the most discriminating chocolate lover. Rich Dutch Chocolate in both the wafers and creme filling make this a smooth and creamy super chocolatey snack.

As much as I love the original "oreo-style" KinniTOOS Chocolate Vanilla cookie, I think this one may be my new favourite. In fact these are so good we wanted to get them out in the market even before the printed film for the packaging is complete. Since they don't have the final packaging, these are only available for direct home delivery, either by ordering from our website or by calling us toll free @ 1-877-503-4466.

We hope to have them available to our distributors and stores by November.

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1 comment:

HappySlob said...

Hi there,
I just tried your 'Oreo' type cookies - and they were amazing! I kept mine in the fridge to recreate the harder icing of the Oreos. Delish to the tenth degree! Thanks for making so many amazing products for those of us who cannot eat gluten. (And I can't wait to try the FudgeeO type ones!)
Take care,