Monday, August 10, 2009

Introducing New Jumbo Muffins

We're very pleased to introduce our new Jumbo Muffins. These moist, soft muffins are so good, you'll probably have to ask twice to believe they are really gluten free. Visitors to our Edmonton Retail Store have known about these gems for a couple of years now. We've finally got the equipment in place to make them available. Initially they'll only be available to our direct customers by ordering online or calling us toll free @ 1-877-503-4466

We're introducing 3 varieties to start

Lemon Poppy Seed

Chocolate Lovers (chocolate chocolate chip)

and Harvest Crunch

Get some today and never miss out on that office meeting snack again.


Christy said...

I'm curious what is in the Harvest Crunch muffin? It looks so good!

ok, ok, ok, they ALL look so good.

I hope you start selling them in grocery stores in TX...I'm ready to buy.


JayB said...

YOu can find complete ingredients & nutrional here

They won't be in stores in the short term but we're working on it.

Betsy said...

Those look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

JayB, can you define "short term"? Haha...can't wait until they hit shelves!

JayB said...

We're still working on trying to find appropriate retail packaging so I don't really have a good definition of short term. I'm guessing it will be the new year before they are available anywhere but from us.

Anonymous said...

Kinnikinnick is so disappointing to our family - Everyone in our house is a celiac with allergies to milk, eggs and yeast. You hardly make anything suitable for celiacs with multiple restrictions, and most do actually need to omit more than wheat/gluten. Other than cookies which are great we have stopped buying anything from your company. We are still not happy about the discontinuation of the brown rice yeast free bread - and there are no other gluten free, yeast free breads on the market that do not also have eggs or milk. Please try to remember other types of celiacs too!!!

JayB said...

While I understand it can be frustrating dealing with multiple intolerances, it's not really correct to say that we "hardly make anything suitable for celiacs with multiple restrictions".

In addition to being a dedicated gluten free company, we are a peanut & nut free facility. All our products except for our cheese bread are dairy/milk/casein free, a large number of our products are soy free and we do have numerous egg and yeast free products.

At some point however, we do need to make products that taste good and they also must sell well enough to justify the costs associated with production (packaging, inventory, staff and equipment time, etc)

The yeast free brown bread sold fewer than 100 cases (400 loaves) in the -year- we discontinued it. Many years ago, when everything we did was by hand we could produce these small runs and it was no problem. However as we've grown to meet demand, our production runs for bread require minimum runs in the thousands of kilograms. While we realize it was important to the few people who bought it, we simply couldn't justify its continued production.