Friday, August 21, 2009

Kinnikinnick Cookies Go National in Whole Foods Markets

We're thrilled to announced that in September, Whole Foods Markets (WFM) will start carrying three of our cookie varieties throughout the entire chain in the U.S. This national launch is a result of "customer satisfaction" and sales "significantly above the category average". For Whole Foods this means that these cookies sell very well. (In fact, as of March 2009, Kinnikinnick Chocolate KinniTOOS® are the best selling GF sandwich creme cookie in North America based on national mainline & natural store sales data.) For the consumer, it means that they will be widely and consistently available to anyone near a Whole Foods.

The three cookies that will be available are:

Montanas Chocolate Chip

KinniTOOS® Chocolate
Vanilla Sandwich Creme

KinniTOOS® Vanilla Sandwich Creme

Many WFM's already carry these cookies, but a national listing means that every store is "required" to carry the products. It will probably take a month or so for the stores that don't currently have these cookies but look for them soon. If you don't see them ask. We'll update our store finder on the website shortly to list all WFM's.

Don't forget, we have dozens of your favourite Kinnikinnick products like S'moreables®, Donuts and Waffles approved for sale in Whole Foods. You can get them brought in by talking to the store manager and requesting the products. Customer demand really does work.

Canadian Customers stay tuned for a couple of important store announcements as early as next week.

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born2boogie said...

YAY! Right now I can only find them at a small local business that has to hike up the prices on everything to stay in competition with WF! I'm glad to know they will be more readily available.
I love these cookies, they are an absolute treat!