Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some new looks for Kinnikinnick logos and packaging

Many of our long time customers may remember the days of ALTA Mondays. Those were the days when many of our products contained dairy and we would do special production days once or twice a month for all our dairy free customers. Our ALTA GFCF logo was the identifier we used to let everyone know that the product was GFCF. (gluten & casein free)

Demand became such that we eventually modified most of our formulas to be dairy free. With the change, the ALTA logo became less important. For those that were specifically looking for GFCF products it was useful but we found it was less useful for those who were looking for "dairy" free. We've heard from many people that they were unaware that our products were mostly dairy free.

With this in mind we've retired the dated ALTA GFCF logo and are introducing a new Dairy Free logo
We've also added an new logo to remind everyone that as of June 15, 2009, Kinnikinnick is a nut free company.These are already appearing on our website and will start showing up on our literature and packaging.

We're also in the final approval process of new packaging design for many of our products. The designs will harmonize the look of our line and make Gluten Free more prominent to help people locate them in stores. These changes will also update our allergen statement by removing the nut warning. We'll also be showing common allergen in bold in the ingredient list.

The new packaging should start showeing up in stores in the new year.

Oh... four of the packages we are completing are brand new for the products we recently announced; the Fudge KinniTOOS, the Chocolate and Graham Kritters and the Panko Style Bread Crumbs.

This means these should be showing up in stores at the same time as all the rest of the new packaging. Watch for them.

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