Friday, December 4, 2009

Kinnikinnick Panko Style Bread Crumbs Now Available

Is it crazy to get excited about bread crumbs?

Obviously I'm biased but I have to say that these crumbs are the best bread crumbs I have ever used. Gluten free or not. They stick to what you put them on, they get amazingly crispy (I actually heard a crunch when biting into a piece of fish I made during testing), they don't seem to absorb much oil so they don't contribute to a greasy oily feel and they even retain a good deal of crispiness the day after they are used.

Currently you can get them from our website or by calling us directly 1-877-503-4466

Canada Safeway has already got an order in so they'll be the first to get them. All of our distributors are anxious to get them and most have indicated they'll take them immediately. They'll start flowing into stores in the new year.


Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I used these on chicken the other night and my whole family absolutely loved them! My husband, who has celiac, was absolutely amazed and told me the leftovers were still crispy! Great product!!!

gluten free in six weeks said...

Kinnikinnick is our favorite gluten free brand of premade and pre baked foods. These bread crumbs are a great addition to our gluten free arsenal.
Thanks Kinnikinnik!

Anonymous said...

Kinnikinnick Panko Stlye Bread Crumns are the only bread crumbs I will ever use or recommend to others. They stay crispy when baked or sauteed ... they are fabulous on chicken or fish or what ever else you may use them on.
Thank you for making the finest Panko crumbs I have ever tasted!!
I will forever be a fan!