Thursday, January 7, 2010

Restaurants Serving Kinnikinnick Finder Now Live

I've just added a new feature to our website. You can now search for restaurants which serve Kinnikinnick gluten free products. Results will display what the location serves (when we know) and is integrated with Google Maps so you can see where it is on a map.

Right now there's only a couple of entries, but we will be expanding as we confirm more locations and expand our food service offerings.

If you know of a restaurant that is serving Kinnikinnick products, let me know in the comments and I'll get them listed.


Anonymous said...

Disney Land serves your hamburger buns. IT was a god-send when we took the kids in july!

robyn said...


the Seawall Bar and Grill located in the Westin Bayshore hotel in Vancouver, BC uses your hamburger buns and pizza crust. it was so great to be able to eat gluten free bread products out at a restaurant!

my sister and I have a blog that is focused on living gluten free in Vancouver and we have featured Kinnikinnick a few times.

thanks for creating a facebook page so that your fans can keep up with all of your new products!


Anonymous said...

Redwater Rustic Grille serves your pizza crusts (the flat, rectangle ones) as a toasted bread 'starter' so you can break bread with your friends and family before your meals -Calgary, AB-