Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kinnikinnick Now In Publix

We've just had it confirmed that 6-7 Kinnikinnick products have been "planogrammed" in 325 Publix stores in Florida and Georgia. What does it mean to be "planogrammed"? When a chain launches a new line of products, it will often create a planogram which is basically just a diagram of the stores shelves and how products will look & fit on the shelves. For the store this helps it maintain a consistent look. For the general consumer, this means that the dish soap is in the same place in the same way on the store shelves no matter what store you visit.

For the Kinnikinnick consumer what this means is something even more exciting. It means that each of these 325 stores has a map that says "put these 6-7 Kinnikinnick products on -that- shelf." Finding shelf space is the most difficult thing facing a manufacturer so being planogrammed is a -big deal-.

The general break down of the stores is as follows:

Orlando/Tampa area - 121 stores
Miami area - 44 stores
Jacksonville area - 84 stores
Atlanta area - 76 stores

We don't have exact locations or what 6-7 products are plannogrammed yet but I'll update this and our store finder when we get more information.

But wait, it gets even better.

All Publix stores have access to 17 of our products and can get them in if you ask for them. I'll post a list of the 17 shortly. Many Publix stores including some of the 325 stores in the planogram program are already carrying quite a few of these products.

As always, if you don't see Kinnikinnick in your local Publix store, or any store for that matter, ask the store manager. We've even created an introduction to Kinnikinnick letter you can take to them found here

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon.


Inkspot Workshop said...

GREAT! Kinnikinnick has the best GF pizza crusts, although I'm mad they discontinued my favorite round ones.

Butch said...

Hi, I sent an e-mail to your company site as well. We are traveling to Florida next week and I called 2 of the Publix stores in the area. Neither grocery manager was familiar with the products. Is anyone aware of any of the supermarkets in the area stocking the pizza crusts?