Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Gluten Free) Batter UP!

Living here in northern Alberta where we're still in the -20c's it's hard to imagine that in some places, spring is underway. What does spring mean to millions of North Americans? Baseball! Now I have to admit that I'm not a fan of watching baseball on TV. I'm more of a hockey fan (maybe it's the -20 in March thing?) But I have liked -going- to baseball games. There's something great about sitting with friends in the stands on a warm summer day, having a beer and eating a hot dog. The game itself? Well, I'm not a fan of any one team (not since the Montreal Expos moved south), so the game was more of an excuse to hang out.

Dodger Stadium Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

You may notice I said I -have liked- going to baseball games - in the past. Since I'm not a huge fan of the game itself and I'm gluten free, a trip to the ballpark without the beer & the hot dogs just hasn't been appealing.

You may have been to the ball parks that had a gluten free kiosk last year, but there weren't many of them. That's all about to change. Kinnikinnick is pleased to announce that we are working with Levy Restaurants to help bring gluten free to over 170 stadiums, parks, zoos and other public facilities in the U.S. starting immediately. Levy provides catering services to these locations and has recognized the need to provide gluten free options to patrons of these venues.

The first few locations lined up in the system are:
  • Qwest Field - Seattle, WA
  • WaMu Theater - Seattle, WA
  • Scottrade Center - St Louis, MO
  • United Center - Chicago, IL
  • Ravinia Park performing arts facilities - Highland Park, IL
  • Lincoln Park Zoo- Chicago, IL
  • Toyota Park  - Bridgeview, IL
  • Arlington Park - Arlington Heights, IL
Update March 25, 2011
  • Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
  • Toyota Center, Houston, TX
  • Toyota Park,. Bridgeview, IL
  • Qwest Center, Omaha, NE
  • Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ
  • St. Paul River Centre, St. Paul, MN
Update March 27
  • Nationals Park, Washington DC
Update March 29
  • Time Warner Arena, Charlotte, NC
  • Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
  • U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL 
Update April 13
  • American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL
  • Amway Center - Orlando, FL
  • American Airlines Center - Dallas, TX
  • Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
IMPORTANT: We don't have any information on actual daily availability at these locations. Some locations may not offer GF items at all events. Please call the venue to make sure GF items are available when you visit.
          Details on what products will be available and where, are yet to be announced. I can say for sure that I'll be able to get a Kinnikinnick Hot Dog Bun and probably a GF beer next time I go to a game at Dodger Stadium. We'll be adding more locations to the list in the coming months. Watch Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

          Let's Play BALL!


          Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

          wah hoo!!

          Monica I. said...

          Very exciting news! Thanks for all the hard work. Please keep at the public venues - I'm looking forward to the day it's hard to miss the GF items on the menu. Now how about some commercial batter mix… mmmm onion rings go well with baseball!

          (Any word on Telus field and Northlands?)

          JayB said...

          Levy only services U.S. venues. Telus field, Northlands and Commonwealth would be great for everyone (Edmonton company providing gluten free to local venues? No brainer!) We'd love to get gluten free available in Canadian venues but haven't had much success yet.

          Maybe this announcement will shake a few trees. And of course it never hurts for you to contact these venues to let them know you'd like to see GF products available.

          Rise Above Gluten said...

          Great news, would love to see this rolled out to ALL major league baseball stadiums!

          RugloverMary in Victoria, BC said...

          It is great to see that Gluten Free products are more readily available. It would be really nice if companies had to put the amount of gluten on their labels in with the daily percentages of nutritional values.
          A tip For Monica I: Soy milk and Rice flour make a good tasty coating for onion rings.
          Keep up the good work of making Gluten free products so yummy and available.

          Anonymous said...

          I wrote Angels Stadium on my wife's behalf. They responded that their new Melissa's Harvest stand locations at both food courts outside the first and third base lines (field level) have gluten free hot dogs, Redbridge GF beer, and more. They said Toro Sushi is also gluten free.

          Allen said...

          We went to a Friday Night Dodgers game in June 2011 and there were no hotdogs at all! We were very disappointed as we were visiting from Australia and we promised our 11 yr old boy who is a Coeliac that he'd be able to eat a real hotdog at a real baseball game. :-(

          The guy at the stand told me that they don't sell GF Hot Dogs...