Monday, February 6, 2012

Kinnikinnick Soft Breads & Buns are now available!

After over a year of research and development, we are pleased to announce the launch of Kinnikinnick Soft Breads & Buns. These products were developed not only to provide great taste & texture but the best nutritional values possible. With this post we're going to highlight why we think these new products set a new standard in gluten free bread products. These products have been available in our Toss Your Toaster Exclusive Preview for about a month so we've added some comments from people who have tried them.

Unbeatable Taste and Texture
The new Kinnikinnick Soft breads & buns are specially formulated so they don't require toasting and they remain soft after freezing. This means you can now make and take a sandwich, a hamburger or hot dog anywhere, anytime. You are no longer tied to the toaster. School or work lunches are no longer something to tolerate, but to enjoy.
 I have been eating incredibly delicious sandwiches for the last few days ... No toaster involved - Chere via Facebook
We have had sandwiches using this bread, and it was fabulous! I had stopped eating sandwiches much because the bread would dry out so badly. I made these in the morning and ate about noon. The bread did not dry out. It tasted great and had a fabulous texture. My GF-by-choice boyfriend loves it and said, "Please get this out in as wide of a distribution as possible" via the Web.
Love the breads! Especially the fact that they don't need toasting first, although I tried a slice toasted for breakfast yesterday. It was good toasted, too. via the Web.
Yesterday morning I packed a salmon salad sandwich on the new soft multigrain bread and it travelled stupendously. Great sandwich later in the day. And the loaf was a few days old! Amazing. - Susan via Facebook

Our Full Size Loaf compared to another brand.
Great Value
We've done something is rare in today's world. We increased the size of our loaf of bread and we reduced the price! Breads are a full size loaf with regular thickness slice. It looks like "real bread" and tastes and smells like it too. While they're about the same size, we've reduced the price of our buns too, by over a dollar per package.

With an industry leading price of less than $5.00 suggested retail for the line, the new Kinnikinnick Soft Products are as affordable as they are tasty.
I was so excited to see full loaves of bread! The bread feels soft like regular bread and smells heavenly!

Good For You
Good Nutrition and Gluten Free used to be mutually exclusive. We recognize our responsibility to not only create a product line that tasted great, but that is good for you. No more empty carbs & starches. Kinnikinnick Soft Bread & Buns have great nutritional values to go along with their outstanding taste and texture.

Soft Multigrain Bread With Brown Rice, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds Quinoa & Teff

 All of the new products (even the white ones!) :
  • Have at least 5 g of Fiber per serving
  • Have Zero Cholesterol
  • Have Zero Trans Fat
  • Have 1 g or less sugar per serving
  • Are Fortified with 5 essential nutrients
  • Are lower in sodium than our existing bread products and many other bread products on the market (even non-gluten free breads)
  • Have no Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
To highlight each product's nutritional benefits, we've provided an easy to read and understand Nutritional Summary on the front of each package.

We are very proud that these are the first Gluten Free Bakery Products to qualify for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation's Health Check ® Program. "To earn the Health Check symbol, every food or menu item in the program must meet nutrient criteria, established by Health Check, based on the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide. The Health Check logo tells you the food or menu item has been reviewed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians and can contribute to an overall healthy diet."

Bright New Packaging And Suggested Retail Prices.

New Look Packaging for a New Taste and Texture.
Like all other nationally distributed gluten free bakery products, our new products are sold out of the freezer. (yes, even the products that are sold "fresh" on the shelf have been previously frozen in most cases). To help you find our new products in the freezer, we've completely redesigned our packaging with bright colours and a bold new design. The distinctive bright yellow body has a window at the bottom so you can see the great looking breads and buns and has, as we mentioned above, the easy to read nutritional summary panel.

We've already started shipping orders to our distributors and the word is spreading in the retail stores but the official launch date is in March. It will take some time for the new breads to hit the stores. You will be able to buy them directly from our website and a limited number of retail stores starting today.

The situation is a bit different with our new Soft Hamburger & Soft Hot Dog Buns. Starting, immediately, these new items will be replacing our existing hot dog & hamburger buns. If your store is currently carrying either bun, you'll know the new ones are in stock when you see the bright yellow package.

Soft Hot Dog Bun
Soft Hamburger Bun

The new Bread and Hot Dog Rolls are AMAZING!!!!! - Monika, VA via Facebook

Without doubt the best GF hamburger bun I have ever tasted. Texture was perfectly 'bready' made for a fantastic burger. via the Web
This range of buns is sure to be a huge success. It is hard to believe they are gluten free. via the Web

Watch for these in your local restaurant, stadium, or on your next cruise.
To coincide with the launch of these new products, we are greatly expanding our food service program. All of these new items (and many others) are now available to restaurants, sports facilities, theme parks, cruise lines, healthcare institutions and schools, colleges and universities.Any food service customer interested in these new products can contact us at for more information.
The new soft buns from Kinnikinnick are a hit at the pub! via Twitter
You Can Help
You can help get these products into your local store sooner by asking your local store manager for them. If you'd like you can print out our product information sheets for the Soft Breads & Soft Buns 
Absolutely LOVE LOVE the bread! I'm sold after having just 2 slices. Keep on makin magic! via Twitter

In closing, I'd like to say that we are very, very excited about these new products and we hope that you are too. I'll leave the final comment to a Toss Your Toaster Survey respondent:
"I've never had anything in my whole life that tastes so good!!!!!"

 ✝ The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians have reviewed these items to ensure they meet the specific nutrient criteria developed by the Health Check™ program based on the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide. A fee is paid by each participating company to help cover the cost of this voluntary, not-for-profit program. See


ThisIsMissD said...

Look amazing and reasonably relatively priced. Are there any egg whites or flax in there? They're usually what prevents me from trying these wonderful products. (Between gluten, casein, eggs and flax -- among other -- it's a miracle I find any breads to eat!)

JayB said...

Only the Multigrain has flax, but they all have egg whites :( Sorry.

Gluten Free Doll said...

Thank you so much!

Giving us a break in the cost of GF food is not only kind of you but encouraging for the future.

I cannot wait to try these. Glad my sandwiches will no longer look like mini ones ;)

You made this Celiac so happy!

Sherie Venner said...

I absolutely love these breads, thank you so much for making them so delicious and so soft!!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I'm definitely going to check for these or ask the stores for them if I can't find them. Everything looks and sounds amazing! We are huge fans of your products here!

John D said...

So glad to see Kinnikinnick follow the trend for better GF bread. Sounds much like what I bake at home.

refill said...

As a non-celiac bread enthusiast, I was eager to snag a loaf for my daughter. I sampled a slice (multigrain) straight out the bag when I got home. Untoasted. Unheated. Delicious. A breakthrough.

Also, thanks for the modest break on the price!

Werner said...

Gluten free and Flaxseed anything, the biggest hoax since Oatbran Muffins and giant cinnamon buns. What a get rich quick scheme again in the baking industry. Gullible people are eating it up, no pun intended.The claims for gluten free are outrageous. Only very few people are affected , to need gluten free bread.

ThisIsMissD said...

Wow, Werner. You must have a lot of time on your hands. Good for you for showing us all just how wrong we are to avoid foods that make us sick! Phew! I'm thankful you took some of that extra, lonely time of yours to show us the light.

Gluten Free Doll said...

Can we get rid of Werner's comment? It is pretty unfortunate and unnecessary.

JayB said...

I'm tempted to delete Werner's post, but since it's just a validation of the struggle against the uninformed public that the 3.5 million celiacs & 8-12 million gluten intolerant in North America face everyday, I'll leave it. Werner, as someone with celiac, I find your post at best amusing and uninformed and at worst insulting. I will say that yes there are many out there who are jumping on the gluten free band wagon and many who are going GF for suspect reasons (ie: weight loss) We've been around for 20 years, long before it was "popular" and we claim nothing other than to try to make the best tasting, healthiest possible gluten free products - for those 11-15 million people who really need it...and that's not a "very few" And besides, we were doing this when the accepted rate of celiac was one in 6000. It's now between 1 in 100 and 1 in 133.

Dale said...

Just got back from the Kinnikinnick store here in Edmonton. Picked up some of the new Soft bread and buns. Way better than Udis. Does anyone know if its available in supermarkets like Safeway, save on or superstore or do I have to go down to Kinnikinnick every time?

JayB said...

Dale - the new breads will start to be available in stores in the coming weeks. We don't have any firm timelines but keep an eye on Facebook & Twitter where we'll be making announcements as we know. Right now (Feb 21) in Edmonton, the only place they are available is the Kinnikinnick retail store.

Anonymous said...

Do you just hate people that are allergic to eggs and yeast making these products that contain both ingredients? I know you are capable of making gluten/egg/yeast free breads that are delicious yet you choose not to do so. I know that I am not a freak mutation that are allergic to these three items as I know at least a dozen other people that would love to buy such a product. You can't possibly understand how much it sucks that there is a company that can potentially make a bread you can eat but choose not to do it because it is only for a small group of customers. I just want you to know that your discontinuation of the Candadi bread has literally ruined my life. You probably don't care, but for a year I've been trying to come up with some sort of bread to eat and there is nothing on the market. If you'd bring back the Candadi bread mix even as a special order product I could die a happy person. Giving me the opportunity to stock up on this bread mix for myself and my entire family would be incredibly useful. I throw myself on your mercy. However, I'm sure you'll continue to not care and delete this comment.

JayB said...

We understand the frustration that people with multiple intolerances have when trying to find suitable products but poor consumer demand for some of these items, such as the Canadadi bread mix resulted in distributors dropping the products. Without distributors carrying the products stores can't get them and without the volume, we would be producing these items at a loss.

We do hope to have a version of a yeast free bread available on our website in the coming months, but it is unlikely it will ever be in enough demand to see store shelves again.