Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Bread Spotter! Report Sightings of Kinnikinnick Soft Breads & Buns & Win

So many people want to try our new soft breads & buns, but can't find them in stores yet. We want to use the power of social media and "crowd sourcing" to help.

With that in mind, we've developed Bread Spotter!

It's simple to use. If you see one our our new breads or buns, you can report it using the Bread Spotter! app and once verified, we'll reward you with Spot Points.

How It works

You can sign up & login on Facebook or on our website. If you are on Facebook, go to our Fan Page and click the Bread Spotter! tab (Note: Facebook does not allow page tab apps in Facebook Mobile so you can only use the Desktop version of Facebook at this time. You can still use the website link to sign up and submit spots. It's not optimized for mobile but it does work. A fully optimized Mobile App is under development.)

Once you've logged in, you'll see a map centered on the Postal/Zip code you entered when you signed up. If there are spots nearby, they'll show up as an Icon you can click. This will show the store's address, what was spotted & a price if it was reported. To see areas outside your immediate location, you can pan around the map by clicking and dragging or use the zoom buttons in the upper left hand of the map. You can also enter other locations using Postal/Zip Codes, Address or Area (neighborhood, landmark, airport code, etc.) to see what's available in those areas. Want to see what stores close to Disneyland are carrying one of the soft products? Just enter Disneyland in the search box and click Find Spots.

In the Store
When you're out shopping and you spot one of our new bread products, make note of the store name & as much address information as you can and the regular price. Take a picture of the product on the shelf with your phone if you can because we award 10 Bonus Spots Points for images.

Submitting a Spot
  • Register if you haven't already and Login
  • Click the Report a sighting button from your home screen.
  • Select the product you sighted from the I Spotted list
  • Enter the Price of the item.
  • Enter store & address information.
  • If you don't know the specific address of the store you are shopping in, add as much detail to the address field as you can. ie: 5th street & 6th avenue, Edmonton, AB
  • Press submit and your Spot will be saved.
  • 10 Spot Points are awarded for a Spot.
  • 50 Bonus Spot Points are awarded for being the first to spot a product at a store. "First Spots" are subject to verification..
  • 10 Bonus Spot Points are awarded for uploading a picture of the item on the shelf.
  • Spots need to be verified so we don't have multiple entries in the system. You will be credited for every spot you make even if it's been made before. However you can only get a credit for a spot for one item at one location. If you return to that location at a later date, you won't be able to submit a spot for the same product again.
  • Spot points are converted into contest entries at a rate of 1 entry per 10 pts.
  • Once you've submitted your spot you can submit another product at the same location. (max 4 total per location)
  • Important Note: Spots at the Kinnikinnick Fresh Retail store in Edmonton are not eligible for participation. 
What's in it for me?

Bread Spotter! is a tool to help people find our products and this is very helpful to our customers and to Kinnikinnick. As a Bread Spotter! you will earn points which are converted into entries in our monthly draw for $100 worth of Kinnikinnick products.

There's only one store near me and I've already Spotted everything!
You can report spots from anywhere so if you are on holidays you can earn points from those Spots as well. Even if you only have a few Spots, you'll still be entered in the monthly draws (you just won't have as many entries/chances to win). Your name remains in the drawing until the end of the promotion (but you can only win once every 90 days).

Don't want to be a Spotter?
You'll miss out on some great prizes but you can still use the Spots collected by others by going to our website Homepage and use the interactive search tool. Whether you are home or planning a vacation, you can check to see if there's a store carrying one of our soft products near you.

Let's Get Spotting!

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