Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kinnikinnick Foods Sends 250 Kgs of Gluten Free food to Calgary Food Bank for flood relief.

As regular readers will know, Kinnikinnick Foods has been a supporter of the Edmonton Food Bank (see HERE and HERE) for quite some time.

While we do focus on helping the great work done by our local Food Bank, we have had the opportunity to help others. (see HERE)

Then 2 weeks ago this happened

We all watched helplessly as our sister city 3 hours south was overrun by the 2 rivers flowing through it.

Last week, Jessica Fielding (@GlutenFreeAZ) tagged us in a retweet on Twitter saying

"Hey @GF_Insider. Can u help #yyc? @CalgaryFoodBank ‏We can always use #glutenfree items for our specialty hampers. #yycfloods"

Since we were just finishing up our month of donation hamper collection for the Edmonton Food Bank, we decided we would take the donated hampers for the last 2 days of June and send them to Calgary. In those 2 days, Kinnikinnick Fresh customers bought 23 - $20 food hampers which total about 45kgs of food.

In addition, Kinnikinnick is donating approximately 200 kg of frozen product with a retail value of about $1800.

This brings the total donated to around 250kgs of food.

It's not a lot but hopefully it helps some of those with food allergies & intolerances who have lost everything.

You can help and donate to the Calgary Food Bank or the Canadian Red Cross for flood relief.