Monday, July 28, 2014

Kinnikinnick Non-GMO Road Map

For several years, we've been getting requests from a portion of our customers to reduce or eliminate the use of GMO ingredients in our products. This is a huge and difficult undertaking given the other restrictions that we already have on our supply chain (gluten free, dairy free, peanut & tree nut free and kosher). We use a lot of  specialized ingredients and finding substitutes in the quantities we require can be very problematic. 

However, we have spent the last 2 years identifying non-GMO replacements for most of our ingredients that are currently GMO and have begun testing them throughout our entire product line. Starting with our new Vanilla Wafers, we are beginning the transition to non-GMO ingredients. It is our hope that all new products released will contain non-GMO ingredients. 

Coming this fall, we will be rolling out new packaging for existing products indicating when an ingredient is Not a product of genetic engineering .

It's important to note that we only indentify ingredients where there are GMO & non-GMO versions. There are no GMO versions of things like Potatoes, Rice and Cane Sugar that are currently approved for use in North America so we don't add any indicator. They are always non-GMO. 

Our current plan is to make the changes gradually starting with the staples; breads, buns and bagels. As we use up existing stocks of packaging, we will be reprinting them with the new identifying language. Cookies, donuts and mixes will follow but we don't have a timeline for completion of this project. 

At this time we do not plan to be "certified" Non-GMO, but we believe our labeling will be informative to those consumers who care about such things.


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Lynn Fricke said...

Thank you for clarifying GMO vs Non-GMO ingredients in your products. I believe that companies like yourselves will take these steps independently without being regulated. The consumer will be the deciding factor. I think what the public may not realize is for a business it does take time and money to switch labeling and switch over to non GMO ingredients. I'm sitting here eating your awesome pancake mix and would like to see your product available for a long time. Your company has been conscientious about testing your products for allergens and I know you are doing your best to work on the transition from GMO to non GMO production.

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide more detail on how you ensure the ingredients are not GM derived? Do you just ask the companies you are buying from and trust them? Or are they in some way verified? The corn syrup solids make me very nervous. Non-GMO corn syrup is nearly impossible to find. Considering the fact that well over 90% of the canola, soy, and corn in the United States is genetically modified, I am a bit wary to trust unverified products, especially since the Xochitl brand of tortilla chips just got busted for labeling their chips as GMO free when they actually contain 75% genetically modified corn. We just tried your bread for the first time yesterday and it is the best gluten free bread we have ever eaten. We really, REALLY want to be able to eat your products without worrying about hidden GMOS. I truly trust that you have the best of intentions, but mistakes can easily be made in the swamp of trying to avoid GMOs. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you for your efforts!

JayB said...

All of our suppliers provide us with a GMO statement and this is what we use to develop our listing. Due to our strict ingredient requirements (gluten, dairy, nut free & kosher) all of our suppliers are of the highest quality and we trust that the information that they provide us is correct.